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What Happened on my Birthday April 30

Today is April 30, the 120th day. There are 245 days left in the year. Did you ever wonder what happened on your birthday April 30? What famous person was born on your birthday, what historical event took place on the day you were born, or what special celebrations took place during your birth month? This blog offers information about historical happenings and famous birthdays
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April 30 Events

Today's Highlight in History:

One hundred and fifty years ago, on April 30, 1859, the Charles Dickens novel "A Tale of Two Cities" was first published in serial form in the premiere issue of All the Year Round, a literary magazine owned by Dickens. (The novel was presented in 31 weekly installments.)

What Happened on my Birthday April 30 in US

1789, George Washington took office in New York as the first president of the United States.
1803, the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for 60 million francs, the equivalent of about $15 million.
1812, Louisiana became the 18th state of the Union.
1904, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition opened in St. Louis.
1939, the New York World's Fair officially opened with a ceremony that included an address by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
1948, the Charter of the Organization of American States was signed in Bogota, Colombia.
1970, President Richard M. Nixon announced the U.S. was sending troops into Cambodia, an action that sparked widespread protest.
1973, Nixon announced the resignations of top aides H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman, along with Attorney General Richard G. Kleindienst and White House counsel John Dean.
1999 The Rev. Jesse Jackson met with each of the three U.S. soldiers being held prisoner by Yugoslavia.
2004 Arabs expressed outrage at graphic photographs of naked Iraqi prisoners being humiliated by U.S. military police; President George W. Bush condemned the mistreatment of prisoners, saying "that's not the way we do things in America."

What Happened on my Birthday April 30 in UK and Other History

1909, Juliana, queen of the Netherlands from 1948 to 1980, was born in The Hague.

1945, as Russian troops approached his Berlin bunker, Adolf Hitler committed suicide along with his wife of one day, Eva Braun see picture
1999 A bomb exploded at a gay pub in London, killing three people and injuring more than 70. (David Copeland, a white supremacist, was later convicted of murder for a series of bombings in London and sentenced to six life sentences.)

Famous Birthdays

1933 Willie Nelson, US singer
1933 Dickie Davies British TV presenter
1947 Leslie Grantham, British Actor
1958 James Hewitt, once friend of Princess Dianna

Birthday Poems for those born on April 29

It's Willie Nelson's birthday
A person who's gone far
Coincidentally, it's your birthday
My own Superstar

You want to take over the World
That's the aim you've got
Your birthday is Hitler's deathday
So that explains a lot

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What Happened on my Birthday April 30

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